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New technology updates to old journalism solutions

Project Management

Grace Media can guide your technology project creating a database, user interface and website to archive athletics history

Statistics Reports

The Athletics Department Stats provides weekly statistical reports for athletics districts. Sports offered include football, baseball, softball, basketball, swimming.

Data Services

Grace Media provides data to other websites. The subscription service includes widgets for football standings as well as playoff schedules/results.

The Athletics

Playoff history and honors made accessible


SicEm 365 Radio and

David Smoak

I’ve been in the media business for nearly 40 years and owned my own high school website ( since 2002. And, having the standings, schedules and scores from Sarah Hornaday through Grace Media and has been a huge help, it has saved me an enormous amount of time and the accuracy is fantastic. She has made my job easier and even better.

Bryan-College Station Eagle Executive Sports Editor

Robert Cessna

I use for standings, scores, honors and historical facts. And nothing is more important covering high school sports than spelling names correctly. The Texas Sports Writers Association checks its all-state teams via Grace Media, saving us countless emails from disappointed relatives.

Director of Athletics Dickinson ISD

John Snelson

We get complete, timely reports all the way through the playoffs. And a final report with honors for our records. The Athletics Department Stats has improved on the traditional stats report with more categories and an easy-to-read layout. “