The Athletics adds 30-plus years of school enrollment, alignment data

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In preparation for the 2014-16 UIL realignment announcement, now has UIL football and basketball alignments dating back to 1980. And UIL enrollments dating to 1982.

The alignments, enrollments and travel queries are all available in premium access. The information and corresponding reports were built with the media in mind. The media can easily do research on questions like most travel; least travel; what school has had the travel burden for the longest period of time in its coverage area. All the questions can be answered without hours of research.

Premium access has grids to find the answer as well as reports to have print-ready html and txt file.

The addition of more alignments and enrollments also brings more depth to our playoff history data. If a school has competed in multiple regions, you can see if the school won more playoff games or state titles in one region over another. Did the school do better, worse or no different when it was the smallest school in the district? Some questions are trivia. Some are relevant data for reporting a story or even requesting changes from the UIL.

However you use the information, is building a powerful Texas high school athletics resource.