HometownSportsNews.net plans to cease updating

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HometownSportsNews.net launched in 2007 taking high school sports headlines from around the state and putting them in one place. Grace Media wanted a way to keep up-to-date with what was happening in Texas High School sports as well as promote the high school sports coverage from around the state. HometownSportsNews.net also made sure to offer headlines from media outlets without a pay wall.

HometownSportsNews.net was Grace Media’s first home for Texas high school playoffs schedules and scores; all-district teams and regional track, tennis and golf schedules and results. These features have all moved to TheAthleticsDepartment.com.

In 2013, the number of media outlets covering Texas high school sports without requiring a subscription greatly diminished. Combined with the fact HometownSportsNews.net never recovered its audience after a 2011 hacking incident halted the site for two months, it seems like a perfect time to cease the site.

We’ll keep the site active until we find a permanent spot for the archives, if there is a need.